Why CTC?

Building relationships is what matters to us
Many companies and individuals are starting to see the benefits of having a
  communications plan, and seeing how simple it is to execute...

Marketing is always changing and comes in many forms. Internet marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and the list goes on. It may sound more complicated than it is. With the web and with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it's easy to spread your message and promote your product or service. It's also easy to share what you know through blogs and posting content on web pages. It's not as simple to put a strategic plan together so everything works to your benefit, using your website as the hub for all. Some companies just don't know where or how to begin. Questions arise, such as: Do I partake in email marketing? How do I build a website? Will my website be mobile friendly? Do I need an events or news page? What do I post? What's a QR code? That's where CTC can help. CTC isn't here to overcharge a company, individual, or organization for a complex marketing plan full of jargon or ideas, rather, CTC is here to help clients bring their ideas to action without promising silly ways for measuring return on investment.

CTC will help you execute the communications you've been struggling to complete or
  have been putting off.


If you have had problems or need help with doing one of the following,
contact CTC:
  • » Writing rich, optimized content for your collateral or website

  • » Using Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter to boost your sales

  • » Desigining or improving a website
  • » Executing a PR strategy or community relations
  • » Making a product or service available for sale on the web

  • » Creating a mobile friendly website or landing pages

  • » Creating a database on a website so it's interactive

  • » Creating a blog and informing readers through its subjects

  • » Contacting customers via email or text message

  • » Planning and executing in-store promotions, and other events

  • » Designing branding materials such as brochures and catalogs

  • » Publishing videos and podcasts on the web